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Homeschool Lesson Plan: Whales

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Have a "Whale" of a good time!


It was a long awaited lesson plan that I had been looking forward to for quite some time- WHALES.

I had such fond memories as a child, of taking a whale watching trip with my dad. It was such a fun and adventurous trip together, that I knew it was a memory I wished to create with my children. So with some strategic planning, I began building a lesson plan that of course, coordinated with the exciting field trip on the sea!


With the information about whales as vast as the oceans they swim in, I knew I was going to have a lot to cover in our unit study. So I dove right in, and got to work on a lesson plan that included all the wondrous information about whales, along with engaging activities to aid in our learning, all centered around the massive creatures.

What surfaced, was a fun and immersive experience that we all enjoyed, and will keep in our memory banks as a "whale" of a good study.

If a whale unit study is on your horizon, don't let these helpful ideas swim away!



Make a splash by including the whale adventure! Plan to take a whale watching trip to experience the beauty of their habitat and to see them in their natural environment, along with other amazing sea life. We are fortunate enough to live in an area where there is whale watching year round, but if a whale watching trip isn't available, there are still ways to include an adventure! Visit a marine mammal museum or ocean overlook. It may take some deliberate planning, but adding the adventure to the lesson plan will be well worth it.

In our excursion we were able to spot 2 humpback whales, a pack of sea lions, and a rare sighting of a mega pod of dolphins (which would have made for a great dolphin unit study:)!



Keep the learning fun by incorporating the whale theme into learning games and activities. Make use of multiple senses by playing "Dive Deep". I created this activity to practice weekly spelling words, but it could also be used in order to dive for numbers in a math topic or integrated into science, as we did, with our study of ecosystems. All you'll need is a sink or tub of water, some paper, plastic letters, and a scoop. Your young learners will be diving right in to this activity!

"Dive Deep" Spelling Activity

Filling in the letters retrieved from diving

deep in the waters!


A Whale's Gotta Eat!

Continue the whale theme throughout math and language topics while also reviewing a whale's diet. In our learning activity, "Whale Food", we worked our fractions and measuring skills while also introducing just how much a whale actually eats. With a little D.I.Y, a baggie, some measuring tools, and of course some fish, kids can receive the reward of a correct answer by getting to pour the correct amount into the whale's mouth. Prepare for some fish casualties though, and I don't mean because of the whale! My kids were answering fraction problems and gobbling fish as we went.

Explore the different food types that whales prefer, and how such foods avoid being a whale's next meal. Then, play the language game, "Contraction Krill". Put the information learned into action and save the krill by correctly matching word cards to contraction krill cards. For every correct contraction identified, another krill gets to move up to the "surface" to escape the whale. Just a few supplies, likely ones already on hand, and you'll be rescuing krill just in time!



Rarely is one of our lesson plans complete without a tasty kitchen creation or snack. Theme up some snacks that relate to whales for some added fun and yum! Here, I chose a simple, yet delicious kitchen creation I named "Blubber Pops". With little prep, some colored frosting, and chill time, your kids will find this kitchen creation a nice break and treat away from the desk and chair. Another great and easy snack is the "whale cracker snack tail". Start the week off with this playful and punny memo along with the whale crackers attached. You'll be sure to have a "whale" of a week together.

Blubber Pops

Whale crackers tail pack.

There is so much fun to include with this lesson plan and study about whales, that these ideas are only just past the breakers.

Let's get you out to the open waters!

Visit Here for the complete "Whales" lesson plan along with so many fun others.



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