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Homeschool Help: Ways To Save Your Time


While one of the many benefits of homeschooling is that there is no alarm telling us when to start and stop our learning, there is a pressing issue that can have you watching your clock. In the beginnings of our homeschooling journey, I was constantly pulling together resources to make for a flourishing education for my little learners. I loved gathering ideas, worksheets, and activities for us to engage in, but even more, I loved when they were free or as close to free as I could find.

Have you been here too?

What I soon began to realize though was just how time consuming the process of searching for the right resources was. While I didn't want to compromise on the fun of learning, and all the great ideas that were out there, just in order to save time, I also desired to use my time more effectively and wisely.

There had to be a solution.

I am the type of homeschool mom that deeply believes that my involvement and excitement in their learning is what makes their education thrive. I didn't want to just pass along a workbook style curriculum; I wanted to grow their creativity, get them away from the desk and chair, and show them that learning is all around us and not just in what others have determined is important to study.

With this belief though, came some diligence on my part, and that diligence to gather the resources to support our education style, took more and more my time.

I needed a new strategy that supplied me with immersive learning, but didn't require me using up precious time searching for the resources to match.


Like the ringing of the alarm clock, my brain was set off! For years we had been expanding our learning without even the thought of formal curriculum, I just didn't didn't realize it, because to us, we were just having fun.

The theme days we played out and cool experiments we attempted, that was learning! I didn't need to scour the internet in search of curriculum then, and I didn't need to do it now that they were formally homeschooling.

The themes were are learning topics, and by examining each topic in depth, learning concepts unfolded before our eyes! Math, science, history, art.... they were already embedded inside each theme we explored.


My solution to saving precious time was sounding off.

I now hope to save you precious time by giving you some pointers on how to generate engaging, hands-on learning for your kiddos, without running down your clock.



You likely already have a plethora of resources in your home. You don't need to get fancy in order to make learning fun. So often it is the simple things that get you and your learners engaged. Repurposed toys and craft supplies have made for quality games and activities when utilized to fit your intended learning concept. Including old or unused items in your learning helps to bring your topics to life, and sheds new light on the items they've used in the past but in different ways. Yet another benefit to using what you've got, is that it's already there and free.

Textiles Unit Learning Activity
Putting our stockpile of yarn to practice weaving in our Textiles lesson.

Veterinary Unit Learning Activity
Using toys we already had on hand for a fun learning activity in our Veterinary lesson.

Shoes Unit Learning Activity
Utilizing old outgrown shoes in order to further our learning in our Shoes lesson.

*Interested in more from these topics? Get the full lesson plan here!*


Some of our most treasured learning topics were those that we are surrounded by each and every day. Items like soap, jelly, and even cereal are items we have studied, and they hold so much value in science, math, and language that they become immersive learning topics that you could grow an entire lesson on with ease. What's of even more benefit, by studying everyday items, you are teaching your children that learning can be found all around them, and by looking further, they will be led to explore in topics like science, math, history, cultures, and more!

Soap Unit
Scrubbing down the facts out of our lesson about soap!

Soda Unit Learning Activity
Exploring math concepts while in our lesson all about soda!

Wax Unit Learning Activity
One of our absolute favorite thematic units- Wax!


Areas in the home, such as the kitchen, are huge assets to homeschooling. The kitchen is a playground for learners where they can put concepts they've learned into practice. Bake, cook, experiment, get messy and you'll realize all the learning that takes place- without the need for even a worksheet. Measuring, fine motor skills, following instructions, fractions, and science, are just scratching the surface of key concepts acquired from working in the kitchen. We weekly practice our skills in the kitchen with "kitchen creations", and it is where we look forward to spending time together learning.

Soap Unit Learning Activity
Mixing and experimenting with soap jelly recipes.

Kitchen Creation
Preparing Irish soda bread dough while in our Ireland study.

Tea Unit Kitchen Creation
Measuring, stirring, and creating new recipes in our Tea lesson.


So many of our learning adventures have been inspired by the simple books we read. Social and emotional development, history, science, language, and math topics all emerge from the stories we choose to read. Books like The Smart Cookie, Antsy Ansel, The Magic Gourd, and so many others give way to studying core topics as they invite us to look further into the subject or the type of character used to tell the story. The ever-popular, The Sour Grape, quickly sent us on a learning adventure all about grapes; what grapes are used to make, how they grow, the science behind jelly, and more! There is so much fun to be had when learning is paired alongside books that kids already enjoy.

The Smart Cookie Unit
"The Smart Cookie" had us exploring poetry, self-confidence, and interjections to name a few topics.

The Postal Service Unit
"The Jolly Postman" drove us into our postal service lesson.

Acorn Unit
"Acorn Was A Little Wild" planted us in acorns, their life cycle, and language topics like alliteration.

*Interested In More On These Units? Get Their Prepared Lesson Plans Here!*

Have more time saving ideas? Leave a comment to share!


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