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Happy Trails: Trail Shoes

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Kitchen Creation For Kids

Shoes Lesson Plan: "Trail Shoes" Kitchen Creation
Create fun and edible "Trail Shoes" kitchen creation.

Happy Feet,

Happy Trails,

Happy Tummies!

It was the start of our new homeschool thematic unit, and my mind was racing with ideas! It was a topic that I knew would be a great fit for fun... SHOES!

You may be thinking, "a whole lesson plan about shoes?"

Oh, absolutely!

There is more than enough to fill a week, even over a week, with information surrounding shoes. From their history, to the design process, to a shoe's anatomy, to a kitchen creation...

Yes, I added kitchen creation!

My kids have grown very found of my including a new kitchen creation with each lesson plan, so to keep their skills in the kitchen, along with their creativity growing, I make sure to have a new food craft each week, however big or small. It's usually a nice brain break and in turn snack break, to keep their minds and tummies happy-

and we all can benefit from that!

"Flat Tire!"

Sure hoping you've heard it before, "Flat Tire!" It's an expression that usually comes when a person has stepped too closely to another person's heel, leading to the back of the person's shoe being pulled off. Left along side the walk, repairing the back of their shoe...time lost.

Well, the reason I bring it up at all is because that was what I felt when deliberating on a fresh new kitchen creation themed upon shoes- ideas fell flat.

Until, that is, an idea strolled through my head that I hoped would come together as well as I imagined.

Surprising even myself, these "Trail Shoes" measured up to be the perfect fit for our shoe themed kitchen creation!

Walk the trail below and see what you think.

Get the complete Shoe Lesson Plan HERE!


"Trail Shoes" Kitchen Creation

Shoe Lesson Plan: "Trail Shoes" Kitchen Creation
"Trail Shoes" Kitchen Creation

What You'll Need:

Rice Krispies Treats

Caramel Wraps

Sugar Pearls Sprinkles

Food Writers Edible Marker

Trail Mix

Parchment Paper

(Optional for display)

Graham Crackers

Shoes Lesson Plan: Trail Shoes Kitchen Creation
The Spread: Trail Shoes Ingredients

Let's Make It!

Shoe Lesson Plan: Trail Shoes Kitchen Creation
Creators at work, shaping those shoes!

Step 1: Start by unwrapping the Rice Krispies Treats. You will need 2 to complete each shoe.

Step 2: Next, place a Rice Krispies treat square between 2 layers of parchment paper. Using a rolling pin, roll and flatten the treat to roughly a 1/4 in. thickness. Repeat for the second treat.

Step 3: Shape one of the flattened treats into the bottom of the shoe, by curving up the sides and folding up the back to form a heel.

Step 4: Curve the second flattened treat and place it on top of the bottom treat. Shape and form the two treats together to resemble a shoe. Leave an open cavity between the tongue section and heel section.

NOTE: To give the upper part of the shoe its

curve, place a finger between the two treat

layers and shape to maintain the arch.

Shoe Lesson Plan: Trail Shoes Kitchen Creation
Shoe shaped after step 4

Step 5: Cut a caramel wrap in half. Pull away the paper and lay one half of the caramel over the upper of the shoe. Wrap the caramel around to the bottom of the shoe.

Step 6: Using the other half of the caramel, wrap the heel section working the caramel forward on top of the other caramel.

Step 7: Using the sugar pearls as eyelets, add them to the top of the shoe. Use the edible marker to draw desired laces.

Step 8: Fill the cavity in the shoe with trail mix of your choice.

Step 9: If desired, crush graham crackers and add them to a tray. Use it to display the

completed Trail Shoes.


Shoe Lesson Plan: Trail Shoes Kitchen Creation
Finished Trail Shoe creations


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Shoe Lesson Plan: Trail Shoes Kitchen Creation
Happy Trails!

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