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Food Craft For Kids: Cameras

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Picture Perfect Food Creation

Photography Unit: Kitchen Creation "Grah-amera" Goodies Food Craft
"Grah-AMERA Goodies"


While setting off into our next homeschool adventure about photography, I wanted to introduce the subject with a fun and simple kitchen creation. While we often use our kitchen creations to get to know more about another culture or country, those types can be more involved and require more preparation, which are certainly worth the effort, but being that we were exploring cameras and photographs, I wanted to keep it all in focus.


Preparing to learn all about the history, inventors, and advancements in photography, had me developing learning activities, games, field trips, and more at the speed of light! Not to be overlooked in my plans though, was the kitchen creation to set the stage. After scaling back some previous ideas, I aimed for a hands-on activity that gave a snapshot into a photographer's key tool.

This creation, "Grah-AMERA" Goodies took few ingredients or time, yet added a sweet introduction to our unit study, and picture perfect photo themed treats.

Let's set up your session for making this fun and easy creation!


"Grah-AMERA" Goodies

Photography Unit: "Grah-AMERA" Goodies Kitchen Creation Food Craft
Easy, fun to make, and delicious "Grah-AMERA" Goodies

What You'll Need:

Graham Crackers

Candy Melts (colors of your choice)

Dots Gumdrop Candies


Parchment Paper

Color Mist Food Coloring Spray (Optional)

Photography Unit: "Grah-AMERA" Goodies Kitchen Creation Food Craft
The spread: Ingredients for the "Grah-AMERA" Goodies creation

Let's Make It!

Photography Unit: "Grah-AMERA" Goodies Kitchen Creation Food Craft
Setting the pieces in place before covering them in candy melts.

Step 1: Prepare the workspace with parchment paper.

Step 2: Prepare the camera pieces. Twist apart an Oreo cookie, leaving all the cream on one side, and set this half aside for now. Next, cut the other half of the Oreo (without cream) cookie in half. Last, cut a Dots gumdrop in half vertically.

Step 3: Lay a graham cracker down on the parchment paper. Place the Oreo cookie half above the center of the graham cracker, ensuring their edges meet.

Step 4: Place the gumdrop half above the graham cracker on the left end, ensuring that the bottom of the gumdrop meets the graham cracker's edge.

Step 5: Place the candy melts of choice into

a microwavable bowl. Heat the candies until

melted. Carefully remove from the microwave.

Photography Unit: "Grah-AMERA" Goodies Kitchen Creation Food Craft
Smoothing out the candy melts and ensuring the pieces are joined together.

Step 6: Spread and coat the melted candies onto the graham cracker,

ensuring that the melted candies cover the Oreo piece, and that the gumdrop is pressed into the melted candy, so that all the pieces will connect once the candy hardens.

Step 7: While the candy is still warmed and melted on the cracker, place the other half of the Oreo onto the center of the graham cracker, with the cream side facing up.

Step 8: Use the color spray to coat the Oreo cream, if desired.

Step 9: Allow the candy to set up/harden before moving or touching.


Photography Unit: "Grah-AMERA" Goodies Kitchen Creation Food Craft
Placing the important "lens" onto the cracker to complete his camera.

*For Optional Polaroid Grahams:

Break the graham cracker in half

horizontally. Melt white candy melts, and spread onto the graham cracker, covering the bottom portion, and a thin line along the sides and top. Fill the exposed graham cracker with black candy melts or black frosting.

Photography Unit: "Grah-amera" Goodies Kitchen Creation Food Craft
Enjoying their fun and tasty kitchen creation!

There's More Crafts and Creations To Develop!

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Photography Unit: "Grah-AMERA" Goodies Kitchen Creation Food Craft

Join The Learning Adventure!

For The Complete Photography Lesson Plan Visit Here.

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