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Do Homeschoolers Miss Out?

A Question To Consider

So Many Social Engagements...

A frequent question when considering homeschooling is,

will my kids miss out?

As you begin forging through statistics, articles, and popular opinions, the questioning of whether or not to homeschool can become complicated. There isn't a parent in the world who doesn't desire what is best for their children. Making the decision to homeschool is one not taken lightly. Late night researching, deliberating, and praying, trying to decipher if the choice chosen will be the right one. Add to the mix all the "fun" and "rite of passage" events that public school can include, you may begin to wonder if by homeschooling, will your children be missing out...

The festivals

The dances

The class parties

The award ceremonies

The school performances

The prom

The list keeps growing.

Keeping in mind though, while these events are fun, they aren't priority. It would be rare to find a parent that based their child's education on whether or not the school has a great fall festival or Christmas party.

So Little Time.

So why do we as homeschoolers wonder if the path we choose will be a disservice to our children just because they may not include these things?

It's helpful to examine what aspects of public school we think they will be missing, that it can supply.

Is it the friendships? The obstacles? The independence? The structure?

Once identified, you can better recognize that these experiences are not ones that only public school can supply. Our children can indeed still acquire these experiences, just from different sources.

After all, events that public schools host, aren't limited to only public schools.

There are ample social events, dances, camps, activities, sports, and clubs that are available through church and the community. Even more, you have the advantage with a homeschool schedule to add them to your year with ease.

The reasons we choose, or have already chosen to homeschool, aren't based on social events or opportunities. The reasons are for a better quality of life together, and to make the most of the fleeting time with our children. To lay a strong foundation for their love of learning, their spiritual growth, and engagement with those in their community.

Will they miss out? To some, they may.

But the gains that happen in its place will far exceed those moments, and enrich their lives in valuable ways.

Strong family relationships

Individualized education

Efficient learning


Genuine socialization

Life skills

Happy mental health

Boost to self-confidence

Emotional freedom


Free thinking

and the list keeps growing...

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment to share!


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