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Disadvantages of Homeschooling

There Has To Be Some, Right?

Let's Get Down To The Nitty-Gritty!

There are so many opinions when it comes to the topic of homeschooling. Some opinions may be ones to consider, while others may be unsolicited.

Which do you listen to?


You listen to facts.

While investigating the option of homeschooling, of the hesitations you may have about it is likely surrounding the question regarding its disadvantages. While you scroll the web and see that there are some homeschoolers out there that showcase how great it is at every turn, it leaves you wondering- there has to be more than those days and moments featured.

What's going on the behind the scenes?

Where are the struggles?

Where is the day to day workload, not just pretty activities?

What will life look like outside of the traditional schooling method?

Everything has its pros and cons, and homeschool is no exception, so let's explore any and all downsides that come with the tremendous decision to homeschool.

Understand this list is absolutely not intended to intimated or discourage you, but rather shed some light on the areas that could be viewed as disadvantages.


The Freedom.

The free schedule of homeschooling is a double-edged sword. Without a doubt, one of the most favored aspects about our homeschool is the freedom it creates. We are not bound to the school bell or schedule, and learning is everywhere at our fingertips. With this freedom though, comes loose structure. Each day looks differently, starts differently, ends differently. Some may struggle with not being in control of the clock. Although you may start your learning at a desired time, the day isn't fixed by specified times or periods. Perhaps a topic needs more time that day, or maybe a better learning opportunity presents itself and changes the whole outcome of the day. With freedom comes the need to be flexible and adaptable, making this a downside for some, or at the least a challenge with homeschooling.

The Planning.

There are those who may say that homeschooling doesn't require planning, that your homeschool can consist of exploring the interests of each child as they develop them, and that a formal lesson isn't necessary. I am being honest in telling you that no matter what learning level your child is at, a degree of planning will be needed. As you know, just to go to the park with children requires some level of planning. How much you plan for each lesson will be the variable, but in order to be effective, expect to spend some time in the planning department. If planning and organizing isn't something you favor, it certainly does not mean that you won't excel at homeschooling, it just means it may be, at times, an obstacle to face.

The Budget.

Homeschool can be done on a limited budget- I can attest to that! The downside though, is that if privately homeschooling, you do not receive any funding. Even with a charter, financial support is limited. Everything needed to support your children's education is out of pocket. In our case, sacrifices are made to allow for their education to continue to thrive. Vacations, newer cars, large home, etc. are postponed in order to accommodate the costs involved in their learning- extracurricular courses; school supplies; curriculum; teaching tools; field trips; books; the list grows with each school year. For most homeschoolers, the trade-off is an easy choice to make, but it is however a "con" worth noting.

The Time Investment.

It's an area that really needs to be examined before taking the plunge into homeschooling- the time investment required. Homeschooling absolutely is a full time job that doesn't include days off. In our years of homeschooling, I have stayed the busiest I have ever been in my whole life. As a homeschool parent, you will constantly be researching, coordinating, supporting, creating, and providing motivation for all the education ahead. Homeschool can easily seize the other interests in your life, as you will always want to invest more of yourself and time into to it because of the results you see from your work. This may pose a problem for some- balancing others' needs, their own needs, and other daily responsibilities, and can be where a homeschooling disadvantage lies.

The Mess.

It may sound trivial, but the mess...oh the mess. Being that the largest portion of homeschooling will be happening in the home, where you and the kids will be spending a whole lot of time at, the mess is an absolute. No matter if you have a designated area planned for where learning will take place, it will undoubtedly not stay there! Some days I look around and see every room in our home a mess. You have to remember, it isn't just limited to the learning mess, it's the daily life mess in and among the learning mess. The fact is, there are only so many hours in the day, and with homeschooling requiring the time investment it does, that means limited time and energy for cleaning and tidying. The desire to clean will be there, but the time will not. Even I will agree on this point, the mess is a disadvantage to homeschooling, but I take it with the blessed territory.

The (Ever-Popular) Lack of Socialization.

There are those that fear the lack of socialization when choosing to homeschool their children. I struggle with putting this on the disadvantage list, as to me it seems far and wide a benefit of homeschooling, but that is for another blog. The only disadvantage to homeschooling in regards to socialization, is that if you aren't involved in a homeschool play group, or with church groups, other family members, etc., getting your child around their peers will come at a price tag. That just means that to make prospective friendships, you'll likely be placing them in sports, activities, or camps, in which the cost of these will need to be factored into the homeschooling budget, which can become quite costly.

The Criticism.

Yet another disadvantage to homeschooling, is the constant scrutiny from onlookers. I've had my fair share of insightful (yet never homeschooled) neighbors, family, and friends, that have questioned my methods. Some support, some advise, and others just judge, but expect some measure of criticism while homeschooling. For those solid in the commitment, and confident in their abilities, criticism may not pose a threat. For others that take heart to thoughts and opinions of those around them, frequent criticism could wear on them, which can be a definite downside to homeschooling. Whereas I believe each homeschooler only ever needs words of encouragement, there are those who don't share my same sentiment, so be prepared for any and all comments.


If homeschooling is in your future, know that in spite of any and all "disadvantages", homeschooling is a rewarding and exceptional experience. Although homeschooling requires much of your time, efforts, and patience, what you and your family gain is immeasurable!

Know that you aren't alone!

Find homeschool help and encouragement HERE.

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