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Dinosaur Activities

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Give Your Kids Something To Roar About!

Something Big Is Stomping Along...


The long awaited summer days are on the horizon, and as busy schedules take a well deserved break, a season of relaxation is ready to bloom- that is unless you are a parent. Seems as though that relaxation time can often become a bit elusive during summer. Although school schedules and extra interests slow, the need for something to do over the summer still remains. Either the desire to avoid the "I'm bored" routine, or to make the most of the summer freedom, as a parent you still find that summer can be busy with fun. Not that it's at all a bad thing. I love cooking up new activities to do together, new adventures to head out to, it's just what I find fun. The only trouble can be found when ideas stop stomping around, and leave you light as a feather.


Luckily, you've hit the detonator here! If you have a dinosaur lover in your pack, I'm sharing a fun filled day (or week) roaring with activities themed after the ever popular dinosaurs. Here's hoping that these ideas give your little dinos some fun to sink their claws into!


Dinosaur Activities

Make Fossils

Fill an afternoon with creating your very own fossils! With a simple salt dough and some bake time, you can have long lasting dinosaur bones. Head to the kitchen together to get hands on shaping, detailing, and comparing your dinosaur fossils. Create a head piece, leg bones, vertebrate, and more- their imagination is king.

Dinosaur Activities
Plenty of fresh fossils to examine

Fossil Search

It's a classic activity for a reason, kids love to dig and unearth things. Without a sand pit it can pose a problem though. If you're like us, living in the city, don't let that detail bury the idea. All you need is an aluminum pan and some store bought sand to achieve a personal sized sand pit that is ready for exploration! Place the salt dough fossils you made prior, into the pit, and supply them with a paint brush to reveal the fossils. Next, challenge your paleontologist to piece together the fossils to complete a dinosaur skeleton.

Dinosaur Activities
Little paleontologist on the search!

Dinosaur Activities

Dinosaur Activities
Piecing together the remains

Adventure to the Museum

Even if you aren't located near a top notch natural history museum, there's still plenty of exhibits to explore that feature dinosaur related topics such as fossils, topography, or geology. Pack up some snacks and head out to a local museum to experience dinosaur history and see if you can spot your favorite on display.

Dinosaur Activities
As close as it gets (and closer than we ever would have wanted to!)

Dinosaur Activities
Exploring all the types and sizes of dinosaurs!


With a little prep time, plan for a dino ice escape. Gather up some of the small dino figures from your kiddos dinosaur collection, and freeze them in ice cubes. Once frozen, supply your adventurer with their trapped dinosaurs and various tools, such as a squirt bottle or excavator picks, to use in order to break them out of the ice. Although dinosaurs may not have lined up with the Ice Age historically, ice and dinosaurs make for great memories with this activity!

Dinosaur Activities
Break out the dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Activities
Dino rescuers hard at work!

Dinosaur Activities
Dinos emerging!


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