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Back To School Supplies: Home School Basics

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

The Best Supplies To Start Your Year

Pencils, Markers, Paper...

What more do you need for home school?

More, a lot more!

Throughout our years of home schooling, one thing I have found myself doing constantly, is gathering more and more supplies. There is so much that goes into my lesson plans, that the need for supplies is the one constant I can always count on. The silver lining though, is that I rather enjoy the small thrill of getting new school supplies. It always takes me back my own elementary days, anticipating the new school year, with the smell of pencils and erasers in the air.

So, since stocking up on school supplies is inevitable, I might as well pass my joy along. A fun and motivating tradition we have established is that the first day of school is where the new school supplies are revealed, dispersed, and organized- not just for the kiddos, but for me as well. It's one of my favored activities that we all look forward to and helps ease us into the beginnings of a new year.

There's just something inspiring about those new pencils, crayons, and markers.

But besides the obvious school supplies, there are those go-to supplies that I find to be the most helpful and most frequently used, that I always have to keep on hand. Here's a list of the top 10 supplies that I'm sure you'll find as purposeful and essential as I do.

So let's open our packs and see if you use and keep the same as I do!


#1: Plastic Crate

If you have home schooled for any time at all, you know that the paperwork that accumulates is quite massive. Keeping a crate per year is an inexpensive way to store each week's or each student's work efficiently.

#2: Hanging File Folders

Add these hanging file folders to the inside of the plastic crate and "voila!" you'll have an effective organizing school filing system. Label each file with the week number and store the entire year in this clean and easy library.

#3 : Clothespins

Clothespins are an absolute necessity. Yes they clip all things, but they serve so many more functions than that! They are so often helpful in creating crafts and learning activity aids. They can be purposeful in making game pieces, sliders, and weights. This simple item is one to always have handy.

#4 : Foam Board

If I haven't got ahead of myself, I wind up having to run out to the store weekly in need of foam board. Crafts, presentations, game boards- there is rarely a lesson plan that I don't use this multipurpose material, so having multiples in my supplies is always a convenience to my future self.

#5 : Magnetic Letters

Being that they are plastic, they can be instrumental and versatile beyond the white board and learning the alphabet. I have used magnetic letters in countless spelling and language activities and games that have been messy, wet, and gooey, and they still look and stick great.

#6 : Double Sided Mounting Tape

My best friend through the school year is double sided mounting tape. Usually sold at the Dollar Tree and 99 cent store too, which is great for the home school budget. If you can get your hands on the pre-cut rolls or sheets, even better! This tape saves time and is perfect for learning exercises that involve sorting and sticking word cards up and into categories.

#7 : Kinetic Sand

With the variety of colors, Kinetic sand is extremely useful for creating unique and tactile learning activities. Hiding letters, numbers, or paper inside the sand and having the kids search for the item has been some of my kids' favorite methods for practicing language, spelling, and math skills. Having plenty of clean and ready to shape sand is a school supply must.

#8 : Plastic Sheet Protectors

The wide range of uses for plastic sheet protectors that I have found is almost crazy. First, and obvious, it protects and keeps papers in great condition- cool. But, I have used these for activities that require reusing a template. I have cut them up and made math and spelling editable flashcards, math game cards, and fix the sentence exercises. Pair these with a dry erase marker and it's an enjoyable activity for kids, no matter what the subject.

#9 : Wooden Skewers

You may be thinking, "don't these belong in the kitchen while making Kebabs?" Well yes, they certainly do, but they also have a great purpose in the school room. I have used wooden skewers for countless projects. Building and engineering new engaging games, like Plinko style game boards for math and for spinning wheels for language games . Other uses include STEM challenges; making game paddles; taping cutouts on and using them as stakes for use in outdoor games. The possibilities just keep adding up, I'm sure they will serve you more purpose than just dinner!

#10 : X-Acto Knife

You're going to need something to cut and score all the foam board with this year, and the X-Acto knife is the most painless and effortless way to get the job done. This tool is beneficial to have for when scissors just can't fit into the area or when detailing a game board is necessary. Also helpful cutting the wooden skewers and Popsicle sticks for the plenty of crafts ahead.

So Time To Gear Up!

Be sure to add these necessities to your back to school shopping list, because there's no doubt you're going to need them.


Let's Go To School Together!

We can share more than supplies.

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