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Back To School Ideas

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Making the First Day Fun!

The School Bus Is Coming..

Well, maybe not literally for us and our home school, but the first day of school is approaching, and with that comes some fun planning. I love to kick off the year with a new theme. But how to decide and plan for such an important day that will inspire a fun school year?

Don't Let the Bus Stall at the First Stop.

Let's get rolling together!


Here are some ideas to get your wheels turning.

"Let's Make this Year Count" Theme:

You guessed it, this theme day is all about numbers. With a punch out calculator math game that reveals prizes; counting out their new school supplies activity; and solving math problems to reach the school room first, there is a whole lot to calculate in this theme. Add it all up, and you've got a successful first day back. No negative numbers about it!


"Let's Knock- Out This Year" Theme:

Make this year a fair fight by using this fun boxing theme idea. With a backdrop, punching gloves, and robe you can get in the ring and win at making the first day a memorable one.

Play learning activities centered around boxing lingo, like Punch Out (Adjectives game) and Weigh In (Measurement game) to get the year off the ropes and into action. Gather up some themed snacks and treats to create goody boxes to totally knock the kiddos out!


"Let's Make this Year Out of this World" Theme:

Take the first day back to a whole other planet! Pack your space shuttle with all the gear you'll need for this theme. Alien eyes, antennae, and a space backdrop will get your kids in the mood to discover their new school year. Add in some fun learning games and activities like "Spot the Alien" (Parts of Speech), "Plan Your Planet" writing prompt, and "Martian Math", the gravity of the year ahead won't pull anyone down. Explore "We're Off To Look For Aliens" by Colin McNaughton to add to the adventure. Pack an astronaut luggage filled with space nick-nacks, astronaut freeze dried food, and other snacks to remind them of home. This first day of school will be a ...blast off!

Get the FREE Alien Mini Unit to explore HERE!


With A New Year Comes New Adventures!

Which Adventures Will You Choose?

Find unique and complete lesson plans for the entire year

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