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It's microbe madness! Take this 3 day flexible lesson to explore the power of yeast and its properties. Learn the science behind these tiny fungi, and what makes them so great. Adventurers will enjoy hands-on learning with an experiment, kitchen creation, and put their measuring and time telling skills to use playing themed learning games and activities. Practice themed vocabulary words, and rise comprehension skills to the top with an interactive language game. This adventure is sure to expand your learner's mind!


Yeast Mini Unit Highlights:

- Flexible 3 day lesson plan

- 2 Language Games

- 1 Vocabulary crossword sheet

- 3 Math games/activities

- Paired worksheets

- 1 "Bread Boxing Challenge" Paired Kitchen Creation Sheet

- 1 Yeast Cell Labeling Sheet

- 1 Writing Activity with paired templates

- 1 Read aloud with Jess

- 1 Daily start activity sheet set

- 1 Bible Devotional sheet set

- 1 Bible Verse suggestion



Yeast Mini Unit Lesson Plan

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