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The Mining Lesson Plan is ready to denonate, all that it needs now are some learning adventurers to press the button! In this 5 day flexible lesson plan, young learners will explode into core topics like; hyperboles and parts of speech; place values; addition; number patterns and graphing, with learning games and activities all themed upon mining. Learners will take a look into the advantages and disadvantages of mining, its process, and its tools. Your learner will agree, this lesson plan is solid gold!


The Mining Unit Highlights:

- Flexible daily lesson plan

- 2 Spelling activities instructions

- 2 Language activities instructions

- 5 Math activities instructions

- Paired game sheets

- 1 Kitchen creation

- 2 STEM activities

- 1 Bible Verse Suggestion

- 1 Field trip suggestion


The Mining Unit Lesson Plans

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