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Take your adventurer into the classic song and story of The Little Drummer Boy. Discover the beautiful lesson of giving from the heart, the songwriter, and how the song and story can be viewed from our Christian faith. Drum up learning activities and games to cover topics such as homonyms and homographs; number patterns, fractions, and diameter. Write a song to our Savior and review letter writing with paired writing templates. Learn about the components and different types of drums, and give your learners a drum break with a fun kitchen creation. This learning adventure doesn't skip a beat!


The Little Drummer Boy Unit Highlights:

-Flexible 5 day lesson plan

-2 Spelling Activities

-2 Language Activities

-3 Math Activities

- Paired Worksheets

- "What We Learned" math review sheet

-3 Paired writing templates

-1 Science Experiment

-1 Music note identification sheet

-1 "How Does It Work" drums sheet

-1 "What Are You Drumming On?" sheet

-1 Read aloud with Jess

-1 Bible Devotional activity sheet set

-1 Daily Start activity sheet set


-1 Art activity

-1 Kitchen Creation

The Little Drummer Boy Unit Lesson Plan

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