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Take a learning adventure with this five day​,​ flexible daily lesson plan that explores all there is to cereal! Learn about how the favorite breakfast food began; what it's made from; cereal mascots through time; the production process​,​ and more all while having fun. Focus on core subject topics like​,​ weight and measurement​,​ capacity​,​ interjections​,​ and sentence structure​,​ with cereal themed hands-on learning activities. Your young learners will agree​,​ this unit study is GR-R-REAT!


Cereal Unit Highlights:

- Flexible daily lesson plan

- 2 Spelling Activities Instructions

- 2 Language Activities Instructions

- 1 Writing Activity Instruction with Paired Writing Sheet

- 5 Math Activity Instructions with Paired Game Sheets

- 1 Science Experiment Instruction with Paired Worksheet

- 1 Kitchen Creation

- 1 Art Activity Instruction

- 1 Health Activity with Paired Worksheet

- 1 Cereal Invention Activity

- 1 Field Trip Suggestion

- 1 Read Aloud with Jess

- 1 Bible Verse Suggestion

The Cereal Unit Lesson Plans

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