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It's a Christmas tradition, but why? Take your learning adventurers into the history and folklore behind the Christmas stocking. Stitch in core learning topics such as; homophones, alliterations, adding measurements, and probability, while playing engaging stocking themed games and activities. Practice descriptive writing, sequence writing, and writing a letter, with the provided templates. Stuff in an adorable and sweet kitchen creation, and try your hand at sewing your very own stocking with the provided pattern. There's tons of learning goodies to stuff into this Stocking learning adventure!


Stockings Unit Highlights:

- Flexible 5 day lesson plan

- 2 Spelling activities

- 2 Language activities

- 3 Math games

- 1 "What We Learned" math review sheet

- Paired game sheets/worksheets

- 3 Paired writing templates

- 1 Pattern/Sewing Instruction

- 1 Kitchen creation

- 1 Read aloud with Jess

- 1 "What's With the Stocking" activity sheet

- 1 Bible Devotional Sheets Set and suggested paired Bible Verse

- 1 Daily Start activity sheet set

- Field Trip suggestion with paired "Stocking Spree" activity sheet


Stockings Unit Lesson Plans

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