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Get poppin' with a lesson all about soda! Take this five day learning adventure about the history and science behind the sweet drink. Pour into core learning topics such as; onomatopoeias; parts of speech; capacity; measuring; money by playing fun learning games and activities all themed upon soda. Refresh your learner by breaking for a kitchen creation, while also learning about what soda pop does to our bodies. This lesson plan is sure to quench young learners' curiosity about soda!


Soda Pop Unit Highlights:

- Flexible 5 day lesson plan

- 2 Spelling activities

- 2 Language activities

- 5 Math activities/games

- Paired worksheets

- 1 Social/Emotional Development Exercise

- 1 Kitchen Creation

- 2 Art activities

- 1 Read aloud with Jess

- 1 Field trip suggestion

- 1 Bible Verse suggestion


Soda Pop Unit Lesson Plans

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$5.00Sale Price


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