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It's time to nestle into a learning adventure all about sleep! In this five-day, flexible lesson plan, you and your learners will explore the health and biology linked to sleep. Study the benefits of sleep, what your body does during sleep, the sleep cycles, and more. Tuck-in with learning topics like, elapsed time, area and perimeter, figurative language, spelling, and irregular plural endings, while playing engaging themed learning games and activities. Gear up for your best night's sleep with the Sleep Preparedness Activity, and reviewing which foods are best for sleep. Give your learners a fun rest with a themed kitchen creation. Grab your blankets, and get ready for this dreamy lesson!


Sleep Unit Highlights;

- Flexible 5 day lesson plan

- 2 Spelling games

- 2 Language games

- 1 Writing activity with template

- 3 Math games/activities 

- 1 "What We Learned" Math review sheet

- Paired worksheets and game sheets

- Parts of the brain and Brain responsibilites sheets

- "I Can't Sleep" sleeping disorders worksheet

- Sleep Preparedness activity sheet

- Sleep Cycle activity sheet

- 1 Sleep Log sheet

- Foods and Sleep activity with paired worksheet

- 1 Paired read aloud with Jess

- 1 Kitchen Creation

- 1 Bible Devotional sheet set with paired Bible Verse

- 1 Daily Start Activity sheet set


Sleep Unit Lesson Plan

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