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Adventure into the beautiful seasons and weather conditions in this 5 day flexible lesson plan. Young learners will focus on identifying the four seasons  along with varying weather aspects. Play hands-on learning activities and games while furthering understanding of prefixes, suffixes, and root words; parts of speech; and synonyms; shapes; decomposing numbers; and addition/subtraction. There's a storm of learning that comes from this lesson plan so get ready for rain!


Seasons and Weather Unit Highlights:

- Flexible daily lesson plan

- 2 Spelling activities instructions

- 4 Language activities instructions

- 4 Math activities instructions

- 2 Music activities

- 2 Social/Emotional Development activities

- 2 Science Experiments

- 1 Art activity

- 1 Read aloud with Jess

- 1 Bible Verse suggestion



Seasons and Weather Unit Lesson Plans

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