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Crack into this learning adventure all about the remarkable sea otter. In this five day flexible lesson plan, adventurers will play fun and engaging learning games and activities all themed around sea otters. Swim into science with the sea otter anatomy, habitat, and diet. Practice math topics like measurement, time telling/elapsed time, and hunt like a sea otter with the Math Hunt activity. Work language skills such as contractions and collective nouns, along with spelling  and informative writing skills. Keep learning afloat with a sweet kitchen creation.  Your little otter will agree, this lesson is to "dive" for!


Sea Otter Unit Highlights:

- Flexible five day lesson plan

- 2 Spelling activities

- 2 Language activities

- 3 Math activities/games

- Paired worksheets

- Writing template

- Science worksheets

- 1 Kitchen creation

- 1 Read aloud with Jess with paired game sheet

- Field trip suggestions

- 1 Bible Verse suggestion with Bible work sheets

- Daily start activity



Sea Otters Unit Lesson Plan

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