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Take your learner on this unique learning adventure all about Peeps! In this 5-day lesson plan, learners will engage in multiple science topics, experiments, and investigations surrounding this controversial confection. Peep into the history of Peeps, the origin of the marshmallow, and more. Expand on core learning topics such as; probability, money, charting and graphing, figurative language, contractions, and persuasive writing, while playing themed learning games and activities. Get to know geography by determining which states on are the Peeps party, and get creative with themed art and kitchen creation projects. Have fun with the "Peeps- onality" activity to further social and emotional development. There is far more to this mallow, that deserves a long, hard "PEEP"! Let's get going on this festive adventure!


Peeps Unit Highlights:

- 5-day flexible lesson plan

- 2 Spelling games

- 2 Language games

- 3 Math games

- Paired worksheets and game sheets

- 1 "What We Learned" Math review sheet

- 1 Marsh mallow plant sheet

- 3 Writing templates

- 1 Kitchen Creation

- 2 Art activities

- 1 "Peeps Parties" Geography sheet

- 2 Science activities with paired worksheets

- 1 Health awareness activity with paired worksheet

- 1 "PEEPS-sonality" activity 

- 1 Read aloud with Jess

- 1 Bible Verse Daily Devotional Sheets Set

- 1 Daily Start Activity Sheet Set



Peeps Unit Lesson Plan

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