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Take your adventurers into a spooky and fun lesson all about ghosts! Learners will have apparitions all about creative writing; homonyms and onomatopoeias; graphing and comparing fractions; and early division all while playing engaging learning games and activities themed around ghosts. Float along the lesson with science experiments, kitchen creations, and art activities. There's so much learning to trap in this unique lesson, it's scary!


Ghost Unit Highlights:

- Flexible 5 day lesson plan

- 2 Spelling games

- 2 Language games

- 4 Math games/activities

- Paired worksheets 

- 1 Creative writing activity and paired template

- 2 Kitchen Creations

- Field trip suggestion

- Bible Verse suggestion

- 1 Read aloud with Jess

- 1 Social + Emotional development exercise

- Art activities


Ghost Unit Lesson Plan

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