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Get your learner leaping into the world of frogs, in this five-day lesson plan all about these fascinating amphibians. Explore a frog's anatomy, adaptations, habitats, life cycle, and more. Jump into core learning concepts such as; adding mixed numbers, simplifying fractions, multiplication facts, collective nouns, and punctuation, while playing frog themed learning games and activities. Expand writing and researching skills by creating a polished report. Give rest to your little froglets, with a fun kitchen creation and art activity. There's so much learning in the Frog Unit, it's "ribbiting"!


Frogs Unit Highlights:

- 5 day flexible lesson plan

- 2 Spelling games

- 2 Language games

- 4 Math games/activities

- Paired game sheets

- 1 Frog Life Cycle activity sheet

- 1 Frog vs. Toad worksheet

- 1 Frog Fact Bingo game

- 1 Dissect a frog activity

- 1 Frog Legs science activity

- 1 Report sheet set 

- 1 Art activity

- 1 Field trip suggestion

- 1 Daily Start Activity sheet set

- 1 Bible Verse Devotional sheet set with suggested paired Bible Verse

- 1 Paired read-aloud with Jess

- 1 Kitchen Creation


Frogs Unit Lesson Plan

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