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Let's get down to Earth, with the Earth Unit! Adventurers will investigate Earth's continents, oceans, and atmosphere in this flexible, five-day lesson plan. Journey through The Creation, while also spinning more learning into core learning topics such as; measuring and classifying angles, longitude and latitude, relative adverbs, and double negatives, while playing Earth themed games and activities. Expand on descriptive writing skills, and the writing process, with a themed writing exercise. Investigate science topics such as light and atmosphere with an easy experiment. Get hands-on with geography with a fun kitchen creation. There's a world to explore with the Earth Unit, let's get going adventurers!


Earth Unit Highlights:

- Flexible 5-day lesson plan

- 2 Spelling games

- 2 Language games

- 4 Math games/activities

- 1 "What We Learned" math review worksheet

- Paired game sheets

- 1 Writing graphic organizer 

- 1 The Creation activity sheet

- 1 "Ocean to Ocean" worksheet

- 1 "Layers of Earth's Atmosphere" worksheet

- 1 Science experiment

- 1 "Longitude and Latitude" worksheet

- 1 Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Sheet

- 1 Paired read aloud with Jess

- 1 Kitchen Creation

- 1 Bible Devotional Sheet Set with paired Bible Verse suggestion

- 1 Daily Start Activity sheet set


Earth Unit Lesson Plan

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