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Listen Up! This learning adventure is one that is sure to engage your learner! Explore the amazing sense of sound, and the capabilities of the human ear in this five-day flexible lesson plan. Get hands-on activities explaining the anatomy of our ears, earwax, ear health, and more. Further understanding of sound waves and how our ears allow us to hear. Examine learning impairments and how they are treated. Put fraction, decimal, adverb and adjective, and prefix and suffix skills all to work while playing engaging ear themed games and activities. Sooth your ears with relaxing imagery writing activities. Listen to the oil crackle, with a tasty kitchen creation that will aid in ear comparisons. This lesson is waiting to be heard, so let's get the Ear Unit booming!


Ears Unit Highlights:

- Flexible 5-day lesson plan

- 2 Spelling games

- 2 Language games

- 3 Math games/activities

- 1 Sign Language Bingo game with paired game video

- Paired worksheets and game sheets

- 1 "My Ears vs. Elephant Ears" kitchen creation with paired worksheet

- 1 "In My Ear" Anatomy activity sheet

- 1 Sound Waves Experiment with paired activity sheet

- 1 "Beyond Hearing" worksheet

- 1 "What's Earwax" worksheet

- 1 "I Can't Hear You" hearing impairments worksheet

- 2 Art/Craft activities

- 1 Paired read aloud with Jess

- 1 Field trip suggestion

- 1 Bible Verse Devotional sheet set with paired Bible Verse

- 1 Daily Start activity sheet set


Ears Unit Lesson Plan

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