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Screen Time In Homeschool

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Should Screen Time Be On Time Out?


Screens are all around us, infiltrating every aspect of our lives. It brings into question how and when devices should be used, and if we as homeschoolers should "unplug" and remove them almost entirely.

Without a doubt, today's technology can be scary, and with it constantly- and quickly- advancing, it is of upmost importance to protect ourselves, and our children, from the dangers that can ensue when using it.

Along with this point, there are the topics of it stealing our time, creativity, and happiness.

While these thoughts can have you snatching up all the devices in your home and locking them away, I want to speak to, and encourage, fellow homeschoolers to take a pause.

At this you may be thinking,

"Why? You just addressed its disadvantages."

The reason I want us to take a pause from eliminating screen time is this:

We are teaching our children in ALL aspects of life, spiritually, emotionally, life skills, along with the basic education concepts, and technology is under that umbrella. The way I see it, it is no different than any other obligations I have to teach them about.

While I may wish at times that all this technology didn't exist, I have to recognize how it does provide great advantages when used properly.

Like any great tool, it requires understanding its capabilities and power. Rather than teaching my children that screens are the enemy, I desire to teach them healthy habits, and what there is to be gained from devices and technology when used with discretion. As I wouldn't place a power tool in my kid's hands and expect that they would use it safely, or even benefit by using it without instruction, so do I apply this mindset to screens. When used wisely, and under constant supervision, I have the opportunity to show them how it can be used to further learning about our studies, grow our family bonding, and practicing self control.

While it certainly takes diligence on my part- ensuring watched content is in line with our beliefs, passwords are only typed in by me, time restrictions are regulated, etc.- it all falls under the umbrella of teaching, which is my purpose in their lives. Including screens in our learning and home entertainment is important, as these devices will be items they use as they grow in life, which is why laying the foundation for how to use them, and how to avoid the downfalls and dangers is essential.

It isn't the phones, laptops, and gaming devices that are enemies, it is when we don't teach how to place these items in proper priority, and how use them with boundaries. When technology starts to consume, then it is time to digitally detox. When utilized as a tool to encourage others, pair alongside our teachings, communicate with those that will benefit, advance our skills in a particular area, then in these ways we can benefit by including screens.

If not included at all, and if I don't educate my children about them, but instead make them resistant and fearful towards them, then I have not prepared my kids for the tools that will inevitably, one day, be placed within their hands.

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