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Ladybug Bites: Kids' Kitchen Creation

Bite Size Cuteness!

Ladybug Bites:Ladybug Unit Kitchen Creation


A loveliness of ladybugs, that is!

Ladybugs are one of nature's industrious pesticides, removing crop destructive aphids, mites, and scales. They are like mini super heroes, preserving our foods and our gardens.

I knew that these tiny beetles were well deserving of a homeschool study built all around them, and so a Ladybug Unit came crawling!


Easy, themed, and fun...

I was on a creative mission to include a kitchen craft while spending our week investigating ladybugs. We have prepared more than a few kitchen creations in our years, some just for the brain break, others as a learning aid, and still more to further our understanding of different cultures. Like the bug itself, this unit's kitchen creation was going to be small, cute, and helpful (to our taste buds). Yes, this creation was going to fall in the category of a brain break, and serve as a fun treat to introduce our week's topic.

If a ladybug lesson is swarming, or if you've got a ladybug lover in your little bug bunch, include these quick and easy creations that we came to call Ladybug Bites.

Get the complete Ladybug Lesson, filled with learning games, activities, paired worksheets, and more!

Ladybug Unit Lesson Plan

Interested in more crafts and creations?

I have a cluster of ideas awaiting you HERE!


Ladybug Bites

Ladybug Bites: Ladybug Unit Kitchen Creation

What You'll Need:


Candy Melts (Red, Yellow, White)

Peanut Butter

Black Icing

Black Pearl Sprinkles/Black Sprinlkes

Candy Eyes

Let's Make It:

Ladybug Bites: Ladybug Unit Kitchen Creation

Step 1: Spread peanut butter over the pretzel, to fill in the holes on the pretzel. Press on a candy melt at the bottom (narrow point) of the pretzel, to serve as the ladybug head.

Ladybug Bites: Ladybug Unit Kitchen Creation

Step 2: In small microwavable cups, heat the candy melts. Carefully remove the bowls from the microwave, and spread the melted candy over the peanut butter, ensuring to maintain the shape of the pretzel. 

Ladybug Bites: Ladybug Unit Kitchen Creation

Step 3: Press on black sprinkles onto the still soft candy melt, to resemble the spots on a ladybug. Pipe on black icing to cover the exposed candy


Ladybug Bites: Ladybug Unit Kitchen Creation

Step 4: Add candy eyes to the head by pressing them on and into position. Allow the ladybug to sit, until candy and icing have hardened.


Have your little bugs learning all about Ladybugs!

Get the Ladybug Unit Here.

See this sweet adventure in action!


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