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Ghost Themed Treats

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Fun and Easy Creations For Kids

Ghost Unit- Ghost Trap Treats Kitchen Creation
Festive and fun for kids to enjoy!

Ghosts, Goblins, and...


The month of October brings so much fun to homeschool planning.

Throughout our years, we have had some truly great Halloween thematic units- Monsters, Witches, Bats, Spiders- the list is still growing! Ideas that float around for these types of units generate such fun, hands on lessons, that you can easily call it the "sweet spot" for teaching.

What's more, is that along with this teaching "sweet spot", there comes the delicious themed goodies for all to indulge in too.

Yes, there is certainly no shortage of Halloween themed goodies out there, all great in their own way, but being as how we had done most, I was haunted to create something new for my kids to try. First, I was delighted to have created "Mummy Munch" for our mummy week. (I may have delighted in it a bit too much being that I couldn't stop eating it. )

But now, ghost week was the new apparition, and I wanted to keep my kiddos inventing kitchen creations that hadn't been seen by their eyes before.

My vision came to be what I call, "Ghost Trap Treats", which were simple for the kids to create and fun to enjoy, right down to the very last bit. My kids loved the creation, where they got to shape chocolate into a ghostly figure, trap and carry sweet goodies inside it, and best of all- eat the the entire thing!

With minimal steps, you can create this fun and entertaining treat too.

Let's get the ghostly Halloween spirits rising up, and off the screen, for your young ones to enjoy!

*Get the complete Ghosts Lesson Plan HERE!*


Ghost Trap Treats

Ghosts Unit- Ghost Trap Treats Kitchen Creation
Trap treats not ghosts in this fun goody!

Here's What You'll Need:

1 Bag of White Candy Melts

Candy Eyes

Black Edible Marker Pen

Clear Plastic Cups

Small Goodies for Filling (of your choice)

Ghosts Unit- Ghost Trap Treats Kitchen Creation
The spread: Ghost Trap Treats Ingredients

Let's Make It:

Ghost Unit- Ghost Trap Treats Kitchen Creation
Ghosts in the making

Step 1: Pour the candy melts into a microwave safe bowl. Heat in the microwave until melted. Carefully remove the melts from the microwave.

Step 2: Spoon the melted chocolate into a clear plastic cup. Coat the inside of the cup with the chocolate by dragging a spoon up along the sides. Ensure the cup is well coated and that the layer of chocolate isn't too thin or it will break once removed later.

Step 3: Place the cup(s) into the freezer for 3 minutes, or until chocolate has hardened. Once set, remove the cup(s) from the freezer. Carefully pull the plastic cup away from the layer of chocolate. Turn the cup over and gently tap the cup until the chocolate shell releases from the cup.

Step 4: Once the chocolate shell is out, use the black edible marker pen to draw a ghost mouth. Attach candy eyes by using a small amount of any remaining melted chocolate.

Ghost Unit- Ghost Trap Treats Kitchen Creation
Adding the finishing touches!

Step 5: Once decorated as desired, place the ghost(s) onto a tray. Lift and fill underneath each ghost on the tray using your choice of goodies. We included bite sized Milky Ways, chocolate chips, and Skittles.

Step 6: Once ready, have fun lifting the ghost to reveal the trapped goodies. If your kids are always on the move like mine, have them flip over and fill their ghost with the goodies so off they can go.

Have fun floating around the room while enjoying the trapped treats. Once those goodies are gone, delight in eating the chocolate ghost next!

Ghost Unit-Ghost Trap Treats Kitchen Creation
My always on -the- go ghost

Ghost Unit- Ghost Trap Treats Kitchen Creation
Good to the last ghost!

Ghost Unit-Ghost Trap Treats Kitchen Creation
Fun and delicious- kid approved!


Don't Float Away Just Yet!

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